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Furtrieve sells geolocating dog collars.


Graphic Designer


Jordan Hetlund




We were creating a warm and family friendly name for a pet tracking company. The name had to be make sense and be usable across multiple languages, which made naming quite a bit more difficult.

Project Experience

I ended up doing a lot of research into words and simply getting a huge list together. I separated those words into pet, tracking, and care words. One way I would try to make a name would be to try to describe our company in as few words as possible. Another was to mishmash words together. Then I would bring my favorites to my boss and we would discuss what he liked and what I liked and I would move forward with more names. A consultant helped us with the international side and he told us the mishmashed names together were often more difficult to translate, so I tried to focus on straightforward names that would make sense across markets and languages.


We ended up with “Furtrieve,” a combination of the words “fur” and “retrieve”. While my favorite was “Vigilant Pet Tracker,” because I felt it conveyed what we did immediately and effectively and would be easier to translate, my boss thought Furtrieve was friendlier and closer to what he wanted for our branding. Our consultant said Furtrieve could work in our first international market, so that’s what we went with.

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