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I’m Scott DeRuby

I’m a multi-disciplinary designer, currently open to new work.


Based in Indianapolis.

Designing since 2014.

Proficient in Web Design, Graphic Design, and asking good questions.

Web Design

Combining marketing and UX design for better websites.

Design Thinking

Mastering every problem systematically, cooperatively, and efficiently.

Brand Identity

Helping you form great relationships with your audience.


Graphic Design

Finding the right look through research and iteration.


Design The Everything

Website/Online Store

I needed to make a website that would exemplify our sense of fun and quality, while making it easy to find what you’re looking for.



Print Ads

Creating newspaper and magazine ads for various clients, generally located in the Northeast.


Design The Everything

The Spire Kickstarter

With our first product DTE wanted to launch a product on Kickstarter to help us gain experience.



Company Name

To create a warm and family friendly name for a pet tracking company.

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