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DTE’s mission is to, “Make things people love to use every day.” We make things that add value to your everyday life.

I needed to make a website that would exemplify our sense of fun and quality, while making it easy to find what you’re looking for.


Web Designer
UX Designer


AJ Huff


Web Design
UX Design


This was my first time setting up a web store, so it took longer than I had anticipated. My goal was to have the store working in about 3 months, but it took about 6 months of evenings and weekends (off and on.)

Project Experience

Created with WordPress, I used the Divi platform and WooCommerce for the store. I encountered many problems along the way including, not understanding how to use WooCommerce or its backend, properly setting up the product pages and finding a way to make them more presentable than the defaults, setting up an SSL for the first time, setting up the payment system properly, and finding ways to convey who DTE was through the website

Spinning top GIF for a product page.

I solved most of these problems through Googling and YouTubing enough that I found the solutions to my current problem, which often lead down a rabbit hole with 15 tabs open just about that, but it was satisfying to finally figure it out.

Sometimes I had to sketch a page or idea out first, but often I would dive in and find an issue later. This was against my nature because it has been ingrained in my that a good sketch turns into a good final product, but the nature of making this website was so cyclical in that I have to start making a page just to know what I wanted and at that point there was no reason to sketch it out. And this wasn’t helped by the fact that a lot of things needed to come together at once to make the website work, including product photography, some video, and the products themselves. My Co-Founder and friend AJ and I also brainstormed the copy for the product pages together sometimes because that was new to me, so I needed some help.

DTE has 3 principles, Practical, Intuitive, and Useful. Our goal is for everything we design to be used every day.


I’m happy with how the DTE website turned out because it conveys our brand well and we’re able to use it as the main place for people to buy products from us.

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